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IT Maintenance and Support is located in Townsville, Queensland

Our physical address is 35 Pilkington Street, Garbutt

Phone us on 07 4740 4437 or 0403 862 449

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Anti-Malware Solutions

For Windows computers, we recommend and use Malwarebytes Anti-malware Pro.

There is a free version available. This will give you a few weeks of full active protection, then revert back to the non-resident version. To get a taste of the program, download and run this.

BE AWARE - a non-resident anti-virus or anti-malware program does not give you full protection. It only allows you to scan files that have been downloaded or copied onto your computer. Current Web Browsers run code in the background from websites and this can cause your computer to become infected without you doing anything.

Residential cost is $25 for a license per computer. This DOES NOT need to be renewed every year and is the best value for the best product I have seen.

Business users can purchase licenses for the Small Business Edition for up to 49 licenses, or the Enterprise Edition for more than 50.

More details can be found on the specification sheet for Small Business Edition, or Enterprise Edition.