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IT Maintenance and Support is located in Townsville, Queensland

Our physical address is 35 Pilkington Street, Garbutt

Phone us on 07 4740 4437 or 0403 862 449

email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Outsource Your IT Department

Outsourcing your IT Department to an external contractor has multiple benefits to your organisation, although there are issues in doing this.

Cost wise, you only pay for the time you need us. This can add up to a significant saving. You no longer have to maintain a separate skill set for a department within your organisation that is not actively producing an income for you. This means you can concentrate on your core processes rather than on supportive ones.

The main draw back of outsourcing is the apparent loss of confidentiality and loss of equipment control. All our client data is stored on secure servers, but a copy of your security information is ALWAYS copied to you as soon as there is a change in relevant information. This way you retain control of you equipment should you choose to change your IT vendor.

At IT Maintenance and Support, we have the capability to provide solutions from initial consultation, commissioning, maintaining and de-commissioning your equipment.

We provide a help desk service that you are able to contact 24 hours per day and an onsite service if issues can not be resolved over the phone.

You are a professional in your business, and are maintain a range of factors the average end user is usually unaware of. We can provide you with those range of factors within the scope of the IT Department that you may presently be missing.