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IT Maintenance and Support is located in Townsville, Queensland

Our physical address is 35 Pilkington Street, Garbutt

Phone us on 07 4740 4437 or 0403 862 449

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Internet Services

Website Creation

There are a range of solutions that can be leveraged to obtain the best value for your web presence budget. read more.

We will create a website for you, from single static 'HERE I AM!!' sites, through the range of blogging and information sites, shopping carts, in-house document delivery, and promotional sites.

Hosting? We have a range of answers. We can build and provide you with your own web and email servers, co-locate them, or just host them for you. It depends on how much you have to share, and how fast you want to do it.

Internet Connections

Do you want to be connected to the Internet? Is your present provider charging too much, or are there just too many issues? We provide solutions ranging from wireless, dialup, ADSL2, NBN, and satellite. read more.

Offsite Backup

How often do you backup your important data? Do you need to access that same data from other locations? read more.

Our Cloud backup services allow you to backup your essential data using an automated system, restore all your data with a single click, or on a file by file basis.

You are even able to access your data through a secured web page, and download just the information you need.

Domain Management

If part of your IT planning is to have a web presence, you will need a domain name to provide information and goods for your clients. Are you paying too much for your existing Domains? read more.

We are able to register Domain Names from $45 for 2 years, renew your Domain Names, redirect sub-domains to a number of locations and park them for you.

Whatever your requirements for Domain management, we are able to guide and assist you.

Cloud Services

The Cloud.... Applications stored and run from a web page, or accessed over the internet. These include email gateways, remote access to data and terminals, as well as many others. read more.

In fact, it's not a stretch to say that aside from a locally installed desktop operating system and browser, a lot of today's small business technology needs can be fulfilled almost completely with cloud-based offerings

For a free consultation, and to discover how we can assist you, please contact us through the top panel.