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IT Maintenance and Support is located in Townsville, Queensland

Our physical address is 35 Pilkington Street, Garbutt

Phone us on 07 4740 4437 or 0403 862 449

email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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We provide a range of services for your enterprise

If you require remote support, please contact us and download our remote application.

Outsourced IT

Simply put, we can provide you with your own outsourced IT Department. This means you get the tech support and skills you need, without the high initial capital outlay required, or expensive ongoing costs. read more.

Internet Services

There are a wide range of technologies involved in that one word. If you want to maximum leverage for your internet dollar, we are able to craft a solution unique to your needs. read more.

Web Domain services
If your needs are in Internet Domain management, from registration, renewal, or transfer, to Website creation and hosting, our services will pay for themselves. Domain registration (new or renew) is only $45 for 2 years registration, transfers are free. Website Hosting starts from as little as $8 per month for a few pages, a couple of images, and a blog or two, up to $20 per month for a full solution including database support, administrative backend, multi-tiered online shop with paypal and visa shopping carts.

We are agents for one of the best value, most progressing Internet Service Provider (ISP) handling connections from household ADSL, satellite, NBN or mobile internet connections.

Cloud based services
The Cloud. Nice new name for a technology that has been around for over 20 years. IT Maintenance and Support have been crafting 'Cloud' based solutions for clients for over 15 years. These include in-house and Internet based solutions for stock control, job and task tracking, email frontends and websites.


With a range of experience in the IT and communications fields stretching from the mid 1970's to today, we are able to consult on your requirements and bring a depth of experience unparalleled to most providers.

We have consulted on a range of projects, LAN and WAN networks containing Data and Terminal services, VoIP, network scanners and POS, to Wide area VoIP PBX, domain management, website creation and hosting. read more.

Onsite Support

Our onsite service is presently available within the North Queensland coastal area. We do NOT charge a call-out fee and work on a wide range of equipment. This list includes networking equipment, servers, PC's, printers, and communication devices. read more.


If you have a car that you use all the time and rely on for work, don't you have it serviced regularly? How important is it for your ICT Equipment to be running all the time, and running well. read more.

We provide both preventative maintenance and 'after the fact' maintenance. We can install maintenance tools to keep your system running well combined with regularly scheduled full maintenance.

Our Maintenance schedules cover both software and hardware, extending to your UPS and backup systems.

Disaster Recovery

What would you do if your business premises had a total catastrophy. In North Queensland, there is a high probability that someone will get hit by a natural disaster. read more.

To lower the potential of your business being dramatically affected by something outside your control, we implement a range of 'Bare Metal Recovery' options.

These options combined with our other solutions for data security and backup systems, both local and cloud based, ensure you have a minimum of downtime if the worst should happen.

Please contact us for any ICT related enquiries you may have